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Served with Rice, Miso Soup, Green Salad & Potato Salad                            (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

1. Chicken Teriyaki $8.50
2. Beef Teriyaki (Rib- Eye USDA Choice) $9.75
3. Chicken & Beef Teriyaki $10.50
4. Chicken Teriyaki & Fried Shrimp (2pcs) $9.25
5. Beef Teriyaki & Fried Shrimp (2pcs) $10.75
6. Chicken, Beef Teri & Fried Shrimp (2pcs) $11.50
7. Chicken Cutlet $9.50
8. Pork Cutlet $9.50
9. Vegetable Tempura $7.50
10. Shrimp (4pcs) & Vegetable Tempura $10.00
11. Chicken Teriyaki, Shrimp (2pcs) & Veg. Tempura $11.00
12. Yakiniku (Stir Fried Beef) $8.50
13. Saba Shioyaki (Broiled Mackerel) $9.00
14. Grilled Salmon $10.00

Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll
 (#D1) Chicken Teriyaki & California Roll

Chicken Teriyaki
#1 Chicken Teriyaki


Pork Cutlet
#8 Pork Cutlet

(Miso Soup Not Included In To Go Orders)

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                                                                                                      (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

  Spicy Salmon Salad(Raw Salmon) $9.50
  Chicken Salad $6.75
  Green Salad $4.50
  Potato Salad $2.00

Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad


Served with Rice & Steamed Vegetables                                                 (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

A. Chicken Teriyaki $5.75
B. Beef Teriyaki (Rib-eye USDA Choice) $7.25
C. Chicken & Beef Teriyaki $7.75
D. Chicken Teri & Fried Shrimp (2pcs) $6.75
E. Beef Teri & Fried Shrimp (2pcs) $8.50
F. Katsu Don (Pork Cutlet, Onion & Beaten Eggs on Rice) $7.00
G. Tofu Chicken or Tofu Veggie (Tofu, Chicken & Vegetable) $7.00
H. Spicy Vegetable & Shrimp $6.25
I. Shrimp (3pcs) & Vegetable Tempura $6.75
J. Chicken Teri & Shrimp (2pc) & Veg. Tempura $8.00
K. Mini Teriyaki Chicken $4.50
K+. Mini Teriyaki Beef $5.25


Chicken & Beef Teriyaki Bowl
C. Chicken & Beef Teriyaki Bowl

Chicken Breast Meat Available on Teriyaki's .80 extra

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  Shrimp Fried Rice $6.75
  Chicken or Beef Fried Rice $6.25
  Vegetable Fried Rice $6.25
  Chicken Curry Fried Rice $6.50
  Chicken Teriyaki & Fried Rice $7.50

Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Teriyaki & Fried Rice

Beef Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice

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Fresh Home Made Noodles

UDON NOODLE SOUP    Thick Flour Noodle                                                        (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

  Tempura Udon $6.50
  Chicken or Beef Udon $6.25
  Vegetable Udon $6.25
  Chicken Curry Udon $6.75
  Kitsune or Tanuki Udon $6.25

(Soba Noodle Available in Place of Udon)

Tempura Udon
Tempura Udon

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RAMEN NOODLE SOUP   Thin Egg Noodle                                                           (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

  Shoyu Ramen (Pork with Boiled Egg on Top) $6.50
  Banzai Ramen (Stir Fried Vegetable & Chicken) $7.50
  Miso Ramen (Pork with Beanpaste Base Soup) $7.00
  Tonkotsu Ramen $6.75
  Chicken Ramen $6.75
  Moyashi Ramen (Pork with Beansprouts) $6.75

Banzai Ramen
Banzai Ramen

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YAKISOBA   Stir Fried Noodle with Vegetables                                                             

  Shrimp Yakisoba $7.00
  Chicken or Beef Yakisoba $6.50
  Vegetable Yakisoba $6.50
  Chicken Teriyaki & Yakisoba $7.50

YAKIUDON   Stir Fried Udon Noodle with Vegetables

  Shrimp Yakiudon $6.75
  Chicken or Beef Yakiudon $6.25
  Vegetable Yakiudon $6.25

SOBA   Buckwheat Noodle (served cold)

  Zaru Soba / Udon $5.75
  Ten Zaru Soba / Udon (Shrimp 2pcs & Vegetables) $8.75

Shrimp Yakisoba
Shrimp Yakisoba

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SUSHI ROLLS                                                                                                              (ALL PRICES INC. TAX)

  Aloha Roll (Shrimp Tempura Roll/ Tuna, Spicy Mayo) $11.00
  Hawaiian Roll (Spicy Tuna Roll/ Albacore, Onion, Garlic, Ponzu Sauce) $11.00
  Rainbow Roll (California Roll/ Tuna, Ebi, Avocado, Salmon, Albacore) $11.00
  Albacore Roll (Spicy Tuna Roll/ Albacore, Cilantro) $11.00
  Caterpillar Roll (Cooked Unagi/ Avocado) $11.00
  Philadelphia Roll (Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado) $6.75
  Flying Roll (California Roll/ Salmon, Flying Fish Eggs) $11.00
  Dragon Roll (California Roll/ Unagi, Avocado) $11.00
  Double Crunchy Roll $7.50
  Salmon Skin Roll (Salmon Skin, Masago, Cucumber, Yamagobo, Kaiware, Unagi Sauce) $5.75
  California Roll $5.00
  Shrimp Tempura Roll $6.50
  Spicy Tuna Roll $5.75
  Tuna Roll $5.00
  Cucumber Roll $4.25
  T.C. Roll (Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Avocado, Lemon, Cilantro) $5.75
  Sunshine Roll (California Roll/ Jalapeno, Spicy Mayo, Chili Sauce) $6.50


Aloha Roll

Sunshine Roll
Sunshine Roll

Rainbow Roll

Hawaiian Roll

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Nigiri Sushi

  Spicy Tuna  


  Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $3.75

hand roll
Hand Roll

  Spicy Salmon Hand Roll $3.75
  Spicy Albacore Hand Roll $3.75
  Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll $3.75

(Much more Avilable)

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OTHER SUSHI                                                                                                                

  Inari (2pcs) $1.75

other sushi
Sashimi Bowl

  Inari (4pcs) $3.00
  Nigiri Combo $10.50
  Sushi Mix (8pcs California Roll, 8pcs Tuna Roll, 8pcs Shrimp Tempura Roll, 2pcs Ebi) $14.50
  Sashimi Bowl (2 Tuna, Albacor, Salmon, Hamachi, 2 Ebi, Avocado, Kaiware) $10.00


  Egg Roll (2pcs) $2.25

single item
Side Tempura

single item
Banzai Vegi

  Gyoza (6pcs) $3.75
  Fried Shrimp (2pc) $3.75
  Tempura Shrimp (2pc) $4.00
  Side Tempura (2pcs Shrimp & Vegetables) $6.00
  Banzai Vegi (Stir Fried Vegetables with Chicken) $6.25
  Edamame $2.75
  Miso Soup $1.50
  Rice (Small) $1.25
  Rice (Large) $2.00
  Salmon Kama

(Limited Quantity)

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